How long will it take to receive my burnt creation?

4-5 weeks with shipping is what we are running currently.  We use USPS priority shipping coming from Michigan and pack your order by hand to make sure everything is correct.  If you need something faster for a certain date, please let us know and we will always do our best to get your order to you by the desired date.   This is a custom product that really has steps we can't skip, and we surely don't want to skimp on quality.  

How much does it cost for shipping?

Shipping is always included in your price. If you need something expedited contact us at info@burntcreations.com or call us at


What do I do if I upload my picture and it doesn't show up?

Fear not! If your picture does not upload, you can email us the picture at info@burntcreations.com or call us at 616-414-5902.

Does quality matter when getting a burnt creation?

Yes, the quality of your photo you send impacts the quality of the burnt creation. Older grainy photos will not be as clear as a more recent digital photo. Please rest assured we will do the best job with what we are supplied with, we just like to make our customers aware ahead of time. We know for some the moment in time can never be recreated.

Can I make a collage of pictures?

Yes, you can, select the size you want, choose one of the pictures and email us the rest of them at info@burntcreations.com. Make sure to include your order number and any special instructions in the email.

Why does my picture look wavy?

When you order a burnt creation, your photo is burnt onto wood. Each piece will be unique because of the patterns in the wood. We do our best to only ship pictures we would hang in our own home or give as a gift ourselves. That being said the wood grain should be part of the magic of a burnt creation, not take away from the photo.

What do I do if I am not happy with my burnt creation?

The first step is to contact burnt creations (Jenny and Elton) at info@burntcreations.com or 616-414-5902. We will reburn the photo for free and deliver it to you. If you receive the photo a second time and are still not happy with your burnt creation, we will generously send your money back.

What happens if my burnt creation was damaged in transit?

Reach out via email (info@burntcreations.com) or phone (616-414-5902), and we will get a replacement photo to you, on us.