Burnt Creation's Memorial Portraits

Welcome to Burnt Creations, where we offer a unique way to honor and cherish your beloved pets and people with our custom wood burnt portrait memorials.

Our portraits are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that each one is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that captures the essence of your beloved pet or person. Using the art of pyrography, we can create a stunningly detailed portrait on a wooden surface, giving you a tangible and lasting reminder of your cherished friend or family member.

At our store, we understand how important it is to keep the memory of your loved ones alive, which is why we offer the option to add their names or wording to the portrait. This personal touch ensures that their memory will be kept alive for years to come.

Our custom portraits make for a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone else who has lost a beloved pet or person. They are a beautiful and unique way to pay tribute to those who have touched our lives in such meaningful ways.

Thank you for considering our custom wood burnt portrait memorials. We take great pride in our work and look forward to helping you honor the memory of your beloved pets and people.