Refund policy

We always do our best to create the best photo for you based on the picture and the quality of the picture uploaded.  

If you are un-happy with your Burnt Creation you received, 1. please send us a message or call us at 616-414-5902.  We'll re- burn your photo at no charge to you or if it's a quality issue, you can send us a new photo. 

 If you get the 2nd photo and are still un-happy, let us know via email or a phone call and we'll refund your money less the S&H.  

*Please follow these steps before going on Facebook or leaving a bad review, we pride ourselves not on our perfection with the picture, but on our ability to always make things right for you!*


If you need to cancel for a reason and your photo hasn't been edited or burnt, you may do so for 100% refund.  If either of these things has been done you will receive a 75% refund.  As this is a custom photo, we have many hands that need to touch your photo. Thank you in advance for this consideration.