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25k in pictures, we know what we're good at.  We aren't perfect, so we stay in our lane making photos on wood for YOU, our amazing customers! 

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Let's burn YOUR favorite photo and make it into a forever or "fur-ever" memory!   

Even kids love a Burnt Creation! 


Burnt Creations makes a great birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother's or Father's Day gift, Graduation gift, Baby Gift, Wedding Gift, Anniversary Gift, Bachelor or Bachelorette gifts, Memorials for loss.  Anything you have a picture of, WE CAN BURN IT!


5x7 is the baby product but a perfect size for many. Great for close-ups, selfies, dogs, cats, horses, things closer up usually work a little better.    A note...if you order your family reunion photo with 50 people on this size, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THEIR FACES!  If you have lots of faces bump up a size so you are happy, trust us. Seriously.   For $10 more you can get the 9x12 right now, just do it! 

I received this gift from my husband today in memory of the best dog a girl could dream of. I lost my Beau very unexpectedly just over 2 weeks ago and when I opened my package this evening, I couldn’t stop the tears. What a wonderful job they did with my boy. I highly recommend! Seeing his picture like this has made our loss just a little bit more bearable. I absolutely love this more than words can say.

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